Collection Development Policy

Selection of Materials
It shall be the Richmond Public Library’s policy to purchase materials based on criteria listed below and within the budget limitations.  The Library director and staff work as a whole to consider materials in the review process and the acquisition of materials.

Ultimate responsibility for material selection shall rest with the Library Director as a trained librarian in purchasing books and other materials for the library.  Any books and/or library materials so selected shall be held to be supported by the Board of Trustees.

All acquisitions of materials, for both children and adult, will be evaluated by the following standards:
• Patron requests according to demand and need in the community.
• Best sellers and popular items considered on individual merit.
• Importance of subject matter to the collection.
• Scarcity of material on the subject.
• Quality and suitability of the format.
• Price.

Cash contributions, gifts, and donated materials will require a signed release form (see Attachment A) stating that all future claims are surrendered by the donor.  Contributors of cash may designate a preferred utilization of their money.  Donated materials will be evaluated for utilization and placement following the same criteria applied to purchases.  Textbooks shall not be considered.

The collection will be maintained through on-going evaluation.  General weeding of the collection is a continual process and materials considered for discard are those that are:
• Obsolete, misleading or outdated.
• Worn beyond repair.
• Damaged.
• No longer circulating and /or used for reference purposes.
• One of several copies of a formerly popular title.
Withdrawn items may be placed on the book sale (with proceeds going to library’s general fund); given to other libraries or charitable organizations; or discarded.  Periodically, a specific area of the collection will be targeted for a thorough evaluation and weeding.  Materials found valuable but in need of repair will be pulled, repaired and re-shelved.

Reconsideration of Library Materials
The library will consider requests for reconsideration of library materials when submitted in writing.  Patrons may complete a “Statement of Concern About Library Material” form (see Attachment B), which will be reviewed by the professional staff, including the Library Director.  The patron will be informed of the disposition of the request.

Patrons have the right to appeal the director’s decision regarding reconsideration of library materials to the Library Board of Trustees through the Library Director, who will forward the request to the Board along with staff recommendation.  After full consideration of the specific material, The Board of Trustees shall make final determination of the matter.  The patron shall be notified of this action in a timely manner.

Board of Trustees
Richmond Public Library
Approved February 3, 2016

Reviewed and Approved March 1, 2017

Attachment A

Donation Release Form
Date ___________________________

Items Donated:



Utilization and placement of all donations, contributions, and gifts will be the right and responsibility of the Library Director and staff with the endorsement of the Library Board of Trustees.

I have read the above policy and hereby surrender all future claim to the above items.


Attachment B

Statement of Concern About Library Material

Please complete form explaining your objections about the material in question and return to:

Library Director
Richmond Public Library
38 W. Main
Richmond, UT 84333

You will receive a written response within 10 working days.  Thank you for your willingness to share your concerns with us.





Description of item:



Type of material__________________________________________________________
What brought this material to your attention?

Have you examined the entire resource?

What concerns you about this material?

Are there resource(s) you suggest to provide additional information on this topic?