Computer Use Policy

Purpose of Library Computers

Library computers are made available to patrons and the public in order to further the library’s mission of promoting literacy and learning.  Computers are available for catalog search, word processing, and internet access.

Responsibilities of Computer Users

Computer users are required to use the computers for legal, ethical, and authorized purposes only.  Flash drives may be used for saving projects.  No computer, connected to the internet, may be used for games, gambling, or pornography.

Unacceptable computer uses include, but are not limited to:
• damaging, destroying or modifying computer hardware, software, or data
• downloading internet programs/information to hard drives
• storing personal data on hard drives
• illegally copying copyright-protected materials
• violating computer system security
• violating software license agreements
• violating network use policies and regulations
• harassing or slandering other computer users
• violating another user’s privacy

Computer users are asked to cooperate with other users in a responsible manner.  Computer time is limited to 45 minutes when others are waiting.  Printing costs are 10¢ per page for black and white, 50¢ for color.

Violators of these policies will be denied computer access.

Approved:  2-3-2016

Reviewed and approved March 1, 2017