Interlibrary Loan Policy


The interlibrary loan program, administered through the Utah State Library System, provides access to materials not available in the Richmond Public Library’s collection.  Patrons in good standing may request items with the understanding that $2.00 per item will be charged for return postage.

Overdue fees may be charged at the rate of up to $1.00 per day per item.  Fees will begin to accrue the day after the due date on each item.

Acceptance by the patron of any interlibrary loan item thereby transfers full responsibility to the patron for the item’s care and return.  Interlibrary loan borrowers will be billed for lost, stolen, or damaged interlibrary loan materials; with the fee determined by the lending library.

The following form will be used by patrons using the interlibrary loan program.  This form is to protect both the library and the patron should the book be damaged before or after the loan.

I have received the following item/items in good condition except as noted below and I am aware of the Richmond Library policy, as established by the Library Board, that all items held on INTERLIBRARY LOAN MAY BE CHARGED UP TO $1.00 PER DAY PER ITEM IF IT BECOMES OVERDUE.





BORROWER (if picked up by some else)_______________________________________
Approved by Library Board February 3, 2016

Reviewed and approved March 1, 2017