Open Meetings Policy

Richmond Public Library Open Meetings Policy

The Library Board and associated meeting shall be established and conducted in accordance with UCA Title 52, chapter 4 “Open and Public Meetings Act” May 2009.
All meeting of the Richmond Public Library Board of trustees are open to the general public except those that are noted in the Utah Open and Public Meetings Act ( Utah Code 52-4-203). Notice of meetings shall be posted in the Richmond Public Library, on the Richmond Library website, and the Utah Public Notice website.

Meeting Minutes:
To ensure public access to the Richmond Public Library Board of Trustees meeting minutes and to comply with 2009 amendments to the Utah Open and Public Meetings Act (Utah Code 52-4-203), the Board shall:
1. Keep written and recorded minutes of all official meetings.
2. Make available to the public a digital recording of all open meetings within three business days of such meeting.
3. Make available to the public written minutes two weeks after the meeting. They will be marked as “draft” until they receive official approval.
4. At the beginning of the following meeting minutes shall be discussed, amended if necessary, and approved. Upon approval, the minutes will be marked as “Approved” and dated as such.

Electronic Meetings:
The Richmond Public Library Board agrees to allow electronic meetings as long as they are in accordance with UCA 52-4-207.
Reviewed/approved by Library Board: 3-2-2016

Reviewed and approved March 1, 2017