Richmond Robotics


Robotics has ended for this school year.  Check back in the fall for an update on our Robotics Program.

We are excited to be doing robotics at the library! Come join us in exploring and learning about science and engineering.

We are using the VEX IQ platform, which is designed for use with young kids, typically ranging from grades 2-8. To program our robots we use ROBOTC, which provides a graphical as well as a text-based programming environment. In addition to the ROBOTC software, we have procured licenses to the ROBOTC Virtual Worlds platform, which is a virtual environment where the kids can program their robots to solve the problems presented without having a physical robot present.

Over the course of our time here, we will cover how to build robots, what the different parts of a typical robot are and how they all work together, as well as how to program the robots and make accomplish a task. We will use all the resources we have – the robot kits, ROBOTC, and Virtual Worlds. Over time we hope the kids will develop a passion for science and engineering. If they desire, it is possible to create a team to compete in the yearly VEX IQ competitions where they can show off their skills.

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For the summer, we will plan on meeting only if there is interest.  If there is, please contact either myself or the library and let them know.  If there is interest, we will continue to meet, but locations may change depending on the group.

Tonight, June 7, 2016, we will not meet.


This year’s VEX IQ challenge is called Crossover.  We have the field and kit.   Tonight we’ll be putting it together and give the kids a chance to start thinking about a robot design that can score as many points as possible.  Hope to see you there!  6:00 PM, at the library.


Hello all!

Tonight, due to soccer tryouts, we will not be holding our weekly robotics club meeting at the library.  I’d like to have at least one more meeting before summer hits.  We’ll do that next week.

Also, I’d like to get a feel for who would like to continue meeting throughout the summer.  If you are interested, please let either myself or someone at the library know so we can get a count.  If we have enough interest, we’ll continue through the summer.  Otherwise, we’ll pick back up start of the next school year in August.



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As many know, we have started the Richmond Robotics club to give elementary and early middle school aged kids the chance to get into robotics and learn valuable skills for their future. We have multiple robot kits as well as the competition field where they can make their robots accomplish certain tasks.

We meet each Tuesday at 6:00 PM in the basement of the Richmond library. Please join us and have fun!